Discover how harp music heals the soul  

Listen here to instant stress-relieving harp music

Here you will find a calming harp music CD created by creative harp instructor, Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner,   Christine Grace Magnussen, CTHP as well as an opportunity to learn to play the harp yourself.  Learn via Skype or in local classes:

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Harp for Stress Relief

Christine's skilled touch brings forth clear lyrical notes of deep calm for the highly sensitive person.

  • Have you been looking for a fun way to express yourself ... while providing healing & balancing your soul?
  • Looking for stress-relief or a way to get out of your brain and into your heart? 
  • Do you seek quiet or alone time for self-renewal? 
  • Are you caring for others?  Need to fill your own cup and focus on self-care? Visit Friends in DEEDS 
  • Supplement your self care through the healing energy of the harp


    Discover 101+ Ways to Help a Friend in Deed

    The internal pathway to self care 

    Do you need support for a life transition or challenge? Is someone you know experiencing illness or loss?

    Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” - Vivian Greene

    Do you need support for a life transition or challenge? Is someone you know experiencing illness or loss?

    Friends in Deeds, written by Christine Magnussen and Kelley Giaramita are sisters who share a passion for personal growth, health, teaching and creative expression.  

    We all experience “storms.” Sometimes they come in the form of an actual flood. Other times, it’s an unexpected diagnosis or loss. This practical guidebook opens the door to help and be helped. You will learn how to give, how to receive, and how to become a “friend in deeds.”

    If you aren’t sure how to answer when someone asks how they can help you, or if you’d like to support a friend or loved one in their time of need, Friends in DEEDS will show you how in simple, practical, tangible ways.

    This music is highly effective in helping relieve the tensions associated with:

    • Major life changes (including divorce, menopause, illness, etc.)
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Pain management (such as fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, cancer)
    • Grief (loss of loved one or beloved pet)
    • Depression
    • Recovery from addiction (including alcohol, smoking, drugs)
    • Other debilitating stressors such as long-term caregiving, domestic violence and natural disasters
    • Calm anxious or sick dogs and cats. 

    If you are seeking relief from stress and anxiety ..
    Would you like to provide relief for someone else?

    You've come to the right place. 



    On Wings of a Dove ~ Harp Music to Soothe the Soul

    is a recording of simple beauty created especially for therapeutic use

    Give yourself or those you care for an experience of serene peace and well-being with Christine Magnussen's deeply soothing therapeutic harp music CD, On Wings of a Dove.

    Patients and practitioners in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, therapy offices, and high stress environments across the country praise the gentle, meditative quality of this music.



    Have you been looking for a way to express yourself ... 

    while providing healing & balance to your soul?


    Seeking a new way to have fun and express yourself? 

    Looking for stress-relief or a way to get out of your brain and into your heart? 

    Been working and caring for others a long time? 

    Need to fill your own cup and implement a regimen of self care?

    Would like to invite more peace and balance into your life?


    Now It’s Your Turn To Follow Your Dreams ... And Express Yourself!

    Playing the harp…My students build a strong bond with their harps and often name their instruments.


    About Christine


    Christine is a creative online coach and harp teacher. Her Skype lessons are fun and customized to your goals, interests, learning styles and challenges.                                            

    Christine works with students of all ages and brings a creative approach to online lessons. She respects each student's needs and is passionate about supporting your goals and harp dreams.

    On Wings of Dove Harp CD

     On Wings of a Dove CD  is ideal for use in spas, clinics and health care facilities: for childbirth, hospice situations, or anywhere soothing comfort is desirable and needed.

    If you're a massage therapist, health care practitioner, patient, counselor, or simply someone who values a peaceful state of mind & body, this album is for you.                       (Sample CD here)   

    Harp Lessons


    YOU can play the harp! Harp lessons customized for YOU - at your own pace, honoring your interests, learning style and goals.                        

    Reduce stress, renew your spirit, create beautiful sounds with ease and peace in your heart space through discovering the healing benefits of the harp.                              (Share your harp dreams with me)